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why join
fair play partners

Advanced Marketing Tools to assist you with your development with our brands. This includes Banners, Reviews, Videos and soon Widgets & RSS Feed.

Reporting system that tracks all performances from your players. This includes various of reports offering a total insight of what your players have accumulated. We also offer great tracking referral tools tracking all performances accurately and promptly onto the Affiliate Statistics. We will also have Pixel Tracking and Postbacks soon promptly showing that we are a transparent affiliate program and offering the best tools for all Affiliates.

Our Partners Programs offers some of the most competitive commission structure, as well as great bonuses structure for development of new players. All commissions we offer is for Lifetime on all players.

No Negative Carry Over is carried over to the next month.

Our Affiliates Program & Marketing Tools are currently translated is a number of languages, and requests can be made for Marketing Tools to assist with local languages you promote.


latest news

Affiliate Program

The launch of our new page is just one of the exciting projects we have going for Fair Play Partners. We will also be looking to change our Affiliate Program further, making it more User-Friendly for all affiliates.

Marketing Tools

Fair Play Partners are now looking to add new Marketing Tools allowing you to promote our programs more effectively. This will include Postbacks, Pixel Tracking and additional medias to attract new players.



If you have forgotten your username you can contact a member of staff on and we would be happy to send you your username via e-mail.

If you have forgotten your password you can click on the “lost password” on the “login” section and enter your e-mail. You will then receive an e-mail where you can then reset your password for your account and proceed with entering your Affiliate Account.

Yes, you will have the ability to open new Channel links tracking either separate websites or different sections of your website. You will also have the ability to track performances on our Reports and choose the identified links your wish to see.

We regularly send out Newsletters informing Affiliates of the new promotion’s and developments we have made for our Affiliates. You will also have access to these via our website on the latest news section.

You can access these by clicking

For the first three months, we have a promotion of 60% -50% - 40% and then after this period it depends on the level of traffic you send to the site.

We have an inhouse Report System to check all performances.

Yes, we pay a 5% commission on new affiliates you introduce to our program.

Commission payments are paid upon request.

We currently have Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller.

Yes, the minimum payment is EURO €100.

You will be able to find this information within the Marketing Tools section where you will be able to choose your selected media which a code will also be provided.

All players are tracked via the tracking link provided by our affiliate program. You will then be able to view the players on your reports section.

Our Cookies last for 60 days before they expire. This means that if a player clicks on your link then comes directly through the site, you will still gain benefit of the player and tracked under your link.


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